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Reduces time and costs while improving care and remote patient-doctor relationship Mobile Health improves people's quality of life

Salud Móvil

Monitor in real time thousands of patients with various diseases

Salud Móvil

Prevent patients from reaching critical health statescare

Optimización el tiempo de atención y descongestiona centros de atención

Optimize time and decongests care centers

Disminuye reingresos hospitalarios, disminuyendo costos

Reduce hospital readmissions, reducing costs

Salud Móvil

Avoid unnecessary patient transfers

Salud Móvil is an application for remote monitoring of patients created to strengthen the doctor-patient relationship, optimize consultation times, improve therapeutic adherence, allow timely diagnosis, monitor patients with chronic diseases, dependent or high risk, preventing them from reaching critical states

Salud Móvil facilitates remote diagnosis, remote care, intervention in emergencies of diseases permanently monitoring them through the platform, preventing these from reaching critical states

With the mHealth solution Salud Movil, the patient becomes an active element in the treatment and monitoring of their illness.

Salud Móvil Functionalities



Biometric data registration
Statistics and history of measurements.
Access to reliable medical items, for self-care
Control medications.



Registration of biometric data.
Statistics and history of measurements.



Flexible definition of control programs.
360 view of patients.
Statistics, records and medical examinations.
Doctors can devote more time to the art of medicine


More than

Patients monitored

More than

Active physicians

More than

Prestigious entities use Salud Móvil

More than


Savings on average in hospitalizations

Salud Móvil Benefits

Health Organization

Cost reduction
Improvement in the service provided.
Remote medical assistance at low cost.
Decrease in hospitalizations.


Reduction of unnecessary visits.
Improved productivity due to a redistribution of time and resources.


Greater participation of each person in their self-care.
– Greater customization.
Remote monitoring and control.
– Improvement in the quality of life.
Greater orientation regarding the disease.
Integration of exams, medical and patient records in the same platform.

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