We develop technological solutions customized for the needs of your company in a fixed period

Many companies demand optimize process and time, track process and centralize information, for these reason we are in a continuous innovation and use the technology for support different areas within your company and industries
Servicios - Desarrollamos soluciones tecnológicas

Software development

We develop customized software to support companies from different industries overcome their challenges and being more competitives in their markets
Desarrollo de Apps

Apps development

The mobile devices are here to stay, therefore we create native applications that help companies to optimize time and be in constant growth
Servicios - Desarrollamos soluciones tecnológicas

HR Outsourcing

We find the specialized and expert human talent your company requires to work in technology projects, while you are focused in your business model
Asesoría en transformación digital

Digital Transformation consulting

We support the digital transformation of the companies with the guidance of experts in technological and software solutions
Servicios - Desarrollamos soluciones tecnológicas

Data Analytics

We use differents tools to simplify the management of big quantity of information

Artificial Intelligence

We put Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the service of your company to solve process optimization problems


We have developed specialized solutions for the management in different areas within the enterprises, helping them to enhance their employee’s skills


We work with agile methodologies which allow us to develop projects in shorter times and ensure the coverage of every particular need of each company
. Analizamos los requerimientos del cliente para brindarle una asesoría que permita tomar buenas decisiones en el proyecto

Ícono [Salto de ajuste de texto]1. We analyze the requirements of the customer in order to bring a consultant to make good decisions in the project.

Creamos una propuesta que responda a los requerimientos y condiciones del cliente

We create a proposal aligned with the requirements and conditions of the customer

Ajustamos con el cliente los tiempos, recursos y tecnologías requeridas para el proyecto

We agree with the customer the time, resources and technologies we use in the project

Iniciamos la fase de ejecución y desarrollo del proyecto mostrando avances periódicos

We begin the execution and development of the project, showing the customer its evolution

Validamos que la entrega del producto esté a satisfacción de los esperado por el cliente

We verify that the project is satisfactory for the customer's needs.

Awards and certifications

A successful technological solution always counts on a great support, therefore in ICONOI we have certifications that accredit our process and the quality of our projects

Our customers

We have developed technological customized projects for companies from different industries, yours could be our next successful case


Contact us and we’ll start to develop a technological customized solution that helps your company to be more competitive